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Autumn Glamping in Devon

At Hartridge Springs, we've made the decision to stay open in the Autumn.

"Is spa glamping just a summer business? "

Not in our case.

Our autumn and summer guests enjoyed their stays equally.

In the summer, people arrive from all over to reconnect with nature and escape their daily stresses. In our luxuriant outdoor hotel, it's the same in the autumn- the only thing that changes is the fluctuations of nature. We're well-equipped to ensure the same, even more comfort!

In England: we've gone from complaining about the heat, to complaining about the cold! But not for long, once our guests arrive- they're shown to their tents, already warmed up by the panoramic wood-burners inside.

What does Autumn glamping look like?

Walks in our nature reserve

It’s wonderfully cozy inside the tents and it’s easy to drift off…To refresh oneself, a brisk walk is recommended. Our woodlands are in a nature reserve. The woods are magical. Kids enjoy finding mushrooms, an abundance of wildlife and the fairytale trees.

Lillies in autumn at Hartridge Buddhist Monastery
The lilies of Hartridge Buddhist Monastery, in Autumn. This beautiful location is only a 5 minute walk from us.

Escape the City Air

Sitting on the tube in rush hour; springing out of bed late for work; another sleepless night- this leaves the strongest of us drained.

Like it or not: the concrete jungle takes a toll on our energy, while its grip keeps us running in place.

Give yourself a break. Our many city guests rediscover their free spirit and it’s wonderful to see the transformation.

The Jurassic Coast as seen on one of our boat tours.
The Jurassic Coast as seen on one of our boat tours.

Fire, Stars and Moon

The views at night time are truly rare at Hartridge Springs. Our location yields stunning dark skies. My father Anton is a keen astrophotographer.

Stargazing inspires meaningful discussion and expansive thought. It’s the archetypal romantic backdrop, for good reason.

Picture yourself and loved ones roasting marshmallows over our fire pit, talking about hopes and dreams...glancing between them and the stars.

Family Activities

Conkers, foraging and our famous boat tours spring to mind. Find mushrooms in our woods and fossils on the Jurassic Coast.

There's a river for wild swimming, if you're feeling adventurous.

Family adventure at Hartridge Springs
A small guest enjoying a big adventure


Cozy up with the warmth from the wood-burners inside the tents.

Or experience our hydrotherapy showers and wood-fired sauna combination. The contrast in heat has profound physiological benefits.

Wood-fired sauna at Hartridge Springs
Teddy enjoying the Sauna


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