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Dog-Friendly Glamping in Devon

If you’re like us, you don’t want to leave a member of your family behind and certainly-not at a kennel! ( Forget about bringing dogs abroad). 


If your dogs are like Henry and Bacchus (pictured below), they’d prefer to join the pack on a summer holiday. In other words, they’re fans of the ‘staycation’.


Hartridge Springs is a dog-lover’s paradise. Whether you have a Border Collie, Jack Russel or Maltese, or a mutt; your dog will enjoy a wonderful holiday, as will you. The only thing we ask is not to bring untrained dogs, for the wellbeing of the wider dog community. 


If you have a dog and want the ultimate in luxury glamping in Devon, book now and pack your bags.


You’re in for an unforgettable trip!

What Else?

Hartridge Springs is a glamping enterprise like no other. We’re new to the game and disruptive in pursuing excellence through our uniqueness. A discerning family business; HS is an extension of this ethos as well as our own personalities.


We’re inventing spa glamping. Picture yourself in luxurious spa facilities enjoyed in a magical, natural backdrop. This is not your standard ‘tent in a field’ business. 


Spa facilities? Wood-fired sauna, hydrotherapy showers and NASA incinerating loos. Each guest has access to their own exclusive shower and loo block. 


The sauna is a jewel in the crown. Imagine looking out onto the enchanting Blackdown Hills, while soaking up the heat and delicious smell of the wood. 


The showers have multiple settings- monsoon, handheld, massage jets, as well as colour therapy options. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and play your favourite ‘showering music’, whilst lathering, after developing a healthy sweat in the sauna next door. I challenge you to find a better way to relax and recharge.


Interior decor/furnishings: we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our guests have only the highest standard of luxury. The cripest Egyptian cotton sheets, hardwood beds, sprung mattresses- as well as our own branded dressing gowns. The interiors are adorned with oriental furnishings, an ode to the exotic East.


Ah… forgot to mention the wood burners in the tents. After the barmy daytime heat recedes, a fresh breeze blows over the hills. Seek refuge from the forces of nature by stoking up the burner with our logs (provided free of charge), snuggle up with your loved ones. These are truly unforgettable memories. 


Key amenities of the emperor bell tents:

  • Ecologically efficient panoramic Wood Burners and logs provided

  • Electrical power is supplied by solar electric batteries with inductive phone charging & ac/dc outlets

  • Canopied (private) al-fresco dining area 

  • Fire pit

  • All cooking/dining equipment provided

  • The tents have fly screens as well as adjustable entrances, if you’d like to absorb more of the views


What’s this magical location you speak of? 


Nested below a nature reserve, Hartridge Springs overlooks the picturesque Otter Valley in Blackdown Hills. 


Walk directly from the property through our 16 acres of private woodland, you might find yourself in the Hartridge Buddhist Monastery. This scene is truly enchanting, as our the neighbours- the monks. We’ve coexisted and flourished together. On Sundays at 7pm, you can sit in on the meditations, or go and visit the monks with an offering and come back feeling refreshed and grateful.


The Blackdown Hills are an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). 


Unspoilt by mass tourism, it’s a beautiful landscape of steep valleys, forest and farmland, laced with rivers and streams. Aside from the woodland nature reserve and the many footpaths/ bridleways which surround our estate, guests can visit a plethora of local attractions and participate in a range of activities.


The seaside of Lyme Bay on the Jurassic coast is an unmissable destination with a full range of sporting, culinary or scenic activities. 




be it visiting stately homes, castles or wildlife parks, picnics by the Otter river, riding horses or bicycles , swimming in the sea, river or indoor pool, playing real or lawn tennis, fine dining, canoeing on the river or sea, archery, climbing hills or indoor mountaineering, racing go karts at the Mansell Raceway, learning to fly, glide or parachute. 


Boats can be hired with or without guides for leisure or fishing trips. Paddle boarding, water skiing, wind or kitesurfing can also be arranged, as well as coastal walks, fossil hunting & general beach combing. However, you choose to spend your days, upon your return you can enjoy our spa facilities, sit by or cook on a fire pit & unwind in our spacious beautiful & luxurious tents.


Dog-friendly, family-orientated and romantic.

Important notice: We’ve revised our policy on dogs. Please note: male dogs must be castrated, as uncastrated males can be problematic within the wider dog community. 

(While there's still space. WOOF WOOF)

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